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Lord of the Flies The Book Focuses On A Group Of British Boys Stranded On An Uninhabited Island And Their Disastrous Attempt To Govern Themselves.

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    This book is horrifying I m scared like hell Totally.I was expecting an adventure book telling about some children who got stranded in an island, but ended up with goosebumps.A bit of synopsis A number

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    I read this book a long time ago, long enough to where I barely remembered anything past the basic premise So I picked it up again, only to wish I hadn t There s a reason why they teach this book in middle school

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    Kids are evil Don t you know I ve just finished rereading this book for my book club but, to be honest, I ve liked it ever since my class were made to read it in high school Overall, Lord of the Flies doesn t seem to be ve

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    Lord of the Flies is one of the most disturbing books I ve ever read It was required high school reading and since then, I ve read it fourtimes It is as disturbing now as it was then Using a group of inn...

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    I hated this book First off, as I remember, it talks about humans failure to govern ourselves, orbroadly the failures of human nature There are a few reasons why I think simply dropping a group of kids on a desert island does not in fact prove anything

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    I was tempted to give this five stars, since in so many ways it strikes me as the kind of masterpiece, like Heart of Darkness, that I imagine will retain its horror and readability for centuries The prose veers or as Golding would say it, tends from plain to pai

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    We did everything adults would do What went wrong You did everything adults would do That s what went wrong There is much to be said against this novel, and it has been said, eloquently, poignantly, many times Let me make a case for keeping it on the curriculum despite th

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    I was Piggy well, in personality at least, though not in portliness I hated everyone who picked on him I still do Should people be forgiven for what they do on a deserted island That depends on whether you think their true nature has revealed itself, or their humanity has been corr

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    Over the years I must have read this book five or six times Last night I was reading it on a train with a highlighter in my hand, because I decided to teach it this year again Teachers wreck books, of course We all know that On the other hand, whatever you have to study read, you tend to car

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