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Dont Make a Sound (Sawyer Brooks, #1) Her Own Past Could Be A Reporter S Biggest Story In This Twisting Thriller About Murder And Family Secrets By The New York Times Bestselling Author TR Ragan Plagued By Traumatic Childhood Memories, Crime Reporter Sawyer Brooks Still Struggles To Gain Control Of Her Rage, Her Paranoia, And Her Life Now, After Finally Getting Promoted At Work, She Is Forced To Return Home And Face Her PastRiver Rock Is Where She D Been Abandoned By Her Two Older Sisters To Suffer Alone, And In Silence, The Unspeakable Abuses Of Her Family It S Also Where Sawyer S Best Friend Disappeared And Two Teenage Girls Were Murdered Three Cold Cases Dead And Buried With The Rest Of The Town S SecretsWhen Another Girl Is Slain In A Familiar Grisly Fashion, Sawyer Is Determined To Put An End To The Crimes Pulled Back Into The Horrors Of Her Family History, Sawyer Must Reconcile With Her Estranged Sisters, Who Both Have Shattering Memories Of Their Own As Sawyer S Investigation Leads To River Rock S Darkest Corners, What Will Prove Dangerous What She Knows Of The Past Or What She Has Yet To Discover Don t Make a Sound is a gripping, suspenseful thriller following three sisters Sawyer, Aria and Harper who have disturbing and horrific pasts but are doing their best to cope with their trauma while attempting to live somewhat normal lives That is until their grandmother passes away and Sawyer a newly promoted crime investigative reporter in Sacramento travels back home to their small town of River Rock which also has a dark, menacing history two young girls were mysteriously murdered and one girl, Sawyer s childhood friend Rebecca, disappeared While only planning on staying home for a few days to attend her grandmother s funeral, Sawyer s visit gets extended unexpectedly when there s suddenly another murder of a 16 year old girl Meanwhile, back in Sacramento, a secret, online group of vengeful, victimized women who all have been tragically abused in various ways team up to seek revenge on the men who have brutalized them Don t Make a Sound is a book about revenge and the horrific, disturbing ways that women are abused by men but how by working together, they can seek the justice that they deserve but also revealing the sobering truth that while revenge is cathartic, that in and of itself is not enough to heal old wounds.I could not put this book down If it weren t for other obligations, I could have easily finished Don t Make a Sound in a day I was completely consumed with both Sawyer s story as she visits her old town of River Rock while also thrilled by the group of women seeking revenge on the men who had abused each of them The author, T.R Ragan, did an excellent job with both the character development and also the dialogue I ve read a lot of thrillers and I often find that I m not hugely invested in the characters That was not the case with this book In many ways, this book was so cathartic Guiltily, I loved reading how the women got revenge on the men who had harmed them but I must admit that this book also deeply disturbed me in ways that I won t articulate to avoid spoilers.My only criticism of the book is that I think certain things could have been removed there was just a lot going on There s the original murder case in Sacramento, there s the two unsolved murder cases in River Rock, there s the story of the three sisters dark past, there s the new murder and there s a love interest not to mention the revenge group I m still happy with my five star rating but I think trimming a few of the details down a little bit wouldn t have hurt the book in any way and I think could have made the ending potent without trying to wrap up the various, non essential story lines.All in all, I loved Don t Make a Sound It was extremely thrilling, dark and disturbing plus it had awesome character development and really made me care about what happened to the three sisters I will say, admit this book might be difficult to read if you are triggered by violent or sexual and especially domestic abuse but if not and if you really enjoy gritty thrillers you re sure to love this one as well Full review on

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