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Undaunted Courage: The Pioneering First Mission to Explore America's Wild Frontier This Was Much Than A Bunch Of Guys Out On An Exploring And Collecting Expedition This Was A Military Expedition Into Hostile Territory In President Thomas Jefferson Selected His Personal Secretary, Captain Meriwether Lewis, To Lead A Pioneering Voyage Across The Great Plains And Into The Rockies It Was Completely Uncharted Territory A Wild, Vast Land Ruled By The Indians Charismatic And Brave, Lewis Was The Perfect Choice And He Experienced The Savage North American Continent Before Any Other White Man UNDAUNTED COURAGE Is The Tale Of A Hero, But It Is Also A Tragedy Lewis May Have Received A Hero S Welcome On His Return To Washington In , But His Discoveries Did Not Match The President S Fantasies Of Sweeping, Fertile Plains Ripe For The Taking Feeling The Expedition Had Been A Failure, Lewis Took To Drink And Piled Up Debts Full Of Colourful Characters Jefferson, The President Obsessed With Conquering The West William Clark, The Rugged Frontiersman Sacagawea, The Indian Girl Who Accompanied The Expedition Drouillard, The French Indian Hunter This Is One Of The Great Adventure Stories Of All Time And It Shot To The Top Of The US Bestseller Charts Drama, Suspense, Danger And Diplomacy Combine With Romance And Personal Tragedy Making UNDAUNTED COURAGE An Outstanding Work Of Scholarship And A Thrilling Adventure

About the Author: Stephen E. Ambrose

Stephen Edward Ambrose was an American historian and biographer of U.S Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Richard M Nixon He received his Ph.D in 1960 from the University of Wisconsin Madison In his final years he faced charges of plagiarism for his books, with subsequent concerns about his research emerging after his death.

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    The oddest little historical fact that has stayed with me from reading this book is the squirrel migration At the time of the Lewis and Clark expedition, there were apparently so many squirrels in this country, that the squirrels migrated seasonally like birds Lewis and Clark witnessed them in large numbers swimming south across the river on which they were traveling It was such a surprising and de

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    This is an expansion of my past micro review reflecting on a read from 2008 Very satisfying read about the Lewis and Clark expedition, with a focus on Lewis and his relationship to Jefferson To me it s great because of Ambrose s ability to render a great story while marshalling his skills in making sense out of the myriad of known historical details and context He brings alive so many of the times th

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    Lewis and Clark the actual story.This is the ultimate adventure A bunch of dudes, in totally uncharted territory, trying to to make it there and back alive What I loved it shows Indians both good and bad Some Indians were incredibly gracious to the party Others complete manipulative jerks All of them wanted guns, all of them wanted tobacco, and all of them really really wanted whiskey And they gave awa

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    The Lewis and Clark expedition is one of the most fascinating aspects of American history Ambrose does an impeccable job of chronicling the journey, as well as details before and after the adventure This book can be a little hard to stick with, so I opted to switch off between audio and print That seemed to harness my attention better 12 years later, I continue to dwell on the historical knowledge I gain

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    This is one of the best books on exploration and great explorers I have ever read As a kid growing up in the Pacific Northwest, there were numerous reminders via place names of these explorers named Lewis and Clark Clark Fork, Lewiston, historical markers of their route, etc Given the ruggedness of the terrain, I knew that these men must have been made of very tough stuff and resourcefulness then And Ambro

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    I ve been weighing up whether or not to read this again, that I feel some resistance to journeying up the Missouri to the pacific coast again in its company probably rules against it, perhaps I might have had a higher regard for it had I not first read Hidden Cities The Discovery and Loss of Ancient North American Civilization, which although it only touches on Lewis and Clark was I felt farinteresting in it

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    Perhaps I m tainted by revelations about the author s techniques that were revealed late in his life But also, understanding what really happened on this journey, makes me think that without the Native Americans, Lewis Clark would have never made it over the mountains, never mind making it back.They were incredibly lucky And the author focuses primarily on Lewis It s a good over view of the journey, pulling to

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    To do list Defend pop history, talk about America I was on the phone with a history major friend of mine and I told him I had just finished Undaunted Courage He chuckled and told me Stephen Ambrose is a pop historian who isn t really worth reading Well I asked him, when was the last time he had read a research paper or PHD thesis for fun There exists a needless divide between academic writing versus accessible,

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    First I want to thank Michael for suggesting I read this book I really did like it A definite four star read Who doesn t know about the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1803 1806, and of Sacajawea Years ago I had read Sacajawea, which I loved Yeah, it is a door stopper, but you don t want it to ever end The two books did tell the same story about the expedition, but they focus on different people Anna Lee Waldo s boo

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    This biography of Meriwether Lewis must have been a daunting task and Stephen Ambrose was certainly up to it.The sections of the book covering the Lewis and Clark Expedition are as well written as anything Ambrose has done I felt like I was there with the Corps of Discovery , as they were named, seeing the incredible plains and mountains of the unexplored American West for the first time.I am familiar with some of t

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