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When She Returned One Woman S Reappearance Throws Her Family Into Turmoil, Exposing Dark Secrets And The Hidden, Often Devastating Truth Of Family Relationships Kate Bennett Vanished From A Parking Lot Eleven Years Ago, Leaving Behind Her Husband And Young Daughter When She Shows Up At A Montana Gas Station, Clutching An Infant And Screaming For Help, Investigators Believe She May Have Been Abducted By A CultKate S Return Flips Her Family S World Upside Down Her Husband Is Remarried, And Her Daughter Barely Remembers Her Kate Herself Doesn T Look Or Act Like She Did BeforeWhile The Family Tries To Help Kate Reintegrate Into Society, They Discover Truths They Ve Been Hiding From Each Other About Their Own Relationships But They Aren T The Only Ones With Secrets As The Family Unravels What Happened To Kate, A Series Of Shocking Revelations Shows That Kate S Return Is Sinister Than Any Of Them Could Have Imagined

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    Things have come undone..Lucinda Berry presents a storyline that has the feel of shifting sand under your feet Can t quite get the balance of it all Can t quite get a handle on those ships that set sail in these choppy waters.Kate Bennett is a stay at home mother of five year old Abbi in Northern California The stay at home portion seems to be driven by her husband,

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    This book has a refreshing intense storyline you don t see everyday At first I didn t know if it was something I would like because it was out of the ordinary, but I really loved this book When I was half way through I could not put it down, I had to know the end and wonder what I would do in that situation The story is told out of the eyes of the missing female, the dau

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    Kate and Scott had an enviable life once that is, until she vanished into thin air, leaving all of her belongings in the car and her loving family at home Over a decade later, after she s been declared dead and Scott has been remarried to a fellow widow Kate s found terrified, pleading for help with a seven month old infant in her arms Now everybody s life is turned upside do

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    I was excited to be approved on Netgalley for this book, because I read Lucinda Berry s previous release, The Perfect Child and really enjoyed it Admittedly, I was anxious about how When She Returned was gonna be, and sadly, I was left a bit disappointed.The things I loved about The Perfect Child were sadly not all in this one When She Returned feels a

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    We wanted to see if what we had was powerful enough to make someone give up the love they had for something greater That quote sums up this book pretty well A mother gives up her family willingly or not read to find out and then escapes and returns 10 years later after her daughter has grown into a teenager and her husband has buried her and remarried.The book blurb hinted at a cult be

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    A woman gone missing for 11 years returns to her family with a baby in tow, and the puzzle pieces of her life unfold in flashbacks all leading to the burning question What really happened to Kate Bennett As the reader, I really thought I figured it out It seemed pretty straightforward, especially as Kate recounts her story And, it s mesmerizing At the center is a charismatic leader who Kate

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    What a superb thriller I love how the narrative alternates between Kate, the abducted wife, and Meredith, Scott s new wife, as well as Abbi, Kate and Scott s daughter Such nuanced and believably developed characters are rarely found in commercial fiction, but I guess that s because not many are written by a trauma psychologist Tense, tight, believable and compassionate Brava

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    Review to come closer to publishing.

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    Worth a read if you want a twisty mystery This book revolves around the return of a missing woman, Kate, 10 years after she originally goes missing It is told from the point of view of her daughter Abbi, the new wife of her then husband, Meredith, and Kate herself However, Kates point of view takes place in the past exposing the events that took place while she was missing and gradually moves forward in t

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    I really like the way this author writes She knows how to tell a story She creates very interesting characters, though not always likable This was my second book by this author and I enjoyed this one even than the first Three different perspectives that flip from past to present weave seamlessly to an explosive ending Cults are fascinating to me The fact that people can give up everything they know to follow

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