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The City We Became Five New Yorkers Must Come Together In Order To Defend Their City In The First Book Of A Stunning New Series By Hugo Award Winning And NYT Bestselling Author N K Jemisin Every City Has A Soul Some Are As Ancient As Myths, And Others Are As New And Destructive As Children New York City She S Got FiveBut Every City Also Has A Dark Side A Roiling, Ancient Evil Stirs Beneath The Earth, Threatening To Destroy The City And Her Five Protectors Unless They Can Come Together And Stop It Once And For All

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    literally amazing

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    Holy shit, this book was so weird, and so good.

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    find this review others on my blog New York might be born in the world only to be shown right out of it.Early in The City We Became , New York s

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    I have hated this city I have loved this city I will fight for this city until it won t have me any This is my homage to the city Hope I got it rightN.K J

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    Without a doubt, one of the most brilliant books I have ever had the honor of reading A brilliant homage to New York City, packed with all its love and harshness, a

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    Oh no I think this review will earn me so much glances, hater looks, curses and a unique place in the minority because when you get one of your favorite authors book into you

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    I want you to understand that you re not ready for this book Even if you ve read Jemisin s other work, even if you ve read The City Born Great, which is the starting place for this boo

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    A wonderfully inventive love letter to New York City that spans the multiverse A big middle finger to Lovercraft with a lot of heart, creativity, smarts and humor A timely and audacious allegori

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    I sing the city When I first read The Fifth Season, it was like taking a cold shower almost like waking up, since I had no idea that you could actually write like that But N.K Jemisin doesn t play by the

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    Tragically, not one thing about this novel is holding my attention You also have to be very open to social justice issues the issues I whole heartedly support in real life being bluntly jack hammered into the narra

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