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The Stripping of the Altars This Prize Winning Account Of The Pre Reformation Church Recreates Lay People S Experience Of Religion In Fifteenth Century England Eamon Duffy Shows That Late Medieval Catholicism Was Neither Decadent Nor Decayed, But Was A Strong And Vigorous Tradition, And That The Reformation Represented A Violent Rupture From A Popular And Theologically Respectable Religious System For This Edition, Duffy Has Written A New Preface Reflecting On Recent Developments In Our Understanding Of The PeriodFrom Reviews Of The First Edition A Magnificent Scholarly Achievement And A Compelling Read Patricia Morrison, Financial Times Deeply Imaginative, Movingly Written, And Splendidly Illustrated Duffy S Analysis Carries Conviction Maurice Keen, New York Review Of Books This Book Will Afford Enjoyment And Enlightenment To Layman And Specialist Alike Peter Heath, Times Literary Supplement An Astonishing And Magnificent Piece Of Work Edward T Oakes, Commonweal

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    This revisionist behemoth can be divided into two parts The first and longer section outlines the characteristics of late medieval Catholicism, its defining ideas and practices He examines this topic from the perspectives of both laity and clergy, using a variety of sources including, unusually, the material conditions of the churches themselves

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    Hugely, hugely detailed book that does a very nice job of critiquing what had been the prevailing viewpoint of the English Reformation that medieval Catholicism had petered out, with disinterested clerics and semi pagan peasants only revitalized by the influence of Protestant reform It s an inaccurate way of looking at things or at best oversimpli

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    What an exhausting book That s not a criticism, simply how I felt once getting through it Duffy s central argument is reminiscent of Simpson, but whereas Simpson used rhetorical showmanship to support his points, Duffy drowns you in information This is really good information, of course It reads like an anthropological study of medieval english rel

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    Very informative Intense reading Lots of details Skimmed portions that had no relevance to my research but overall it was insightful in shedding light into middle ages Catholicism The chapter on Mary I was particularly illuminating and went some little way in restoring her reputation.

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    Eamon Duffy, The Stripping of the Altars Traditional Religion in England c 1400 1580 New Haven Yale University Press, 2002 In The Stripping of the Altars, Eamon Duffy lays down a formidable challenge to long held notions of the Protestant Reformation in England He upsets a conventional narrative, as old as the Reformation itself, which portrays the p

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    A great and important book, but it would be nice if Mr Duffy were quicker to own or acknowledge his biases While it s certainly important to have a book that challenges the Whiggish orthodoxy reformation good, catholics bad of other Reformation histories, much of what Duffy and his predecessor Hai...

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    Incredible history of the Faith on the ground as if were, in medieval England Dense at times there s so much going on

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    The reader is buried under every possible piece of evidence that medieval Catholicism was vibrant and beloved among the rural English through the 1530s, and they were puzzled and dismayed when the enforcers from London showed up and told them that their beloved images, relics, masses, and ceremonies must all go The evidence comes from wills, charters, p

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    Eamon Duffy s The Stripping of the Altars is a monumental work of revisionist history, which challenges the orthodox Whig interpretation of the English Reformation The Whig interpretation of the Protestant Reformation in England sees the coming of the Reformation as a another progressive step in history, one that brought the English church stagnant and m

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    Duffy expresses surprise that this became a best seller, and no shit this is some detailed, historiographically conscious, I m going to assume you know all the main events stuff It s also gloriously interesting, and surprisingly readable.

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