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Blood River: A Journey to Africa's Broken Heart A compulsively readable account of a journey to the Congo a country virtually inaccessible to the outside world vividly told by a daring and adventurous journalistEver since Stanley first charted its mighty river in the s, the Congo has epitomized the dark and turbulent history of a failed continent However, its troubles only served to increase the interest of Daily Telegraph correspondent Tim Butcher, who was sent to cover Africa inBefore long he became obsessed with the idea of recreating Stanley s original expedition but travelling aloneDespite warnings Butcher spent years poring over colonial era maps and wooing rebel leaders before making his will and venturing to the Congo s eastern border He passed through once thriving cities of this country and saw the marks left behind by years of abuse and misrule Almost harrowing miles later, he reached the Atlantic Ocean, a thinner and a wiser manButcher s journey was a remarkable feat But the story of the Congo, vividly told in Blood River, is remarkable still From the Hardcover edition

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    Note Tim Butcher is officially a diamond geezer He s just joined Goodreads and read my review below and still sent me a thank you message today Rereading the below review, I think some authors could have taken umbrage because, well, it s actually quit

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    I read this book on the airplane during my epic 42 hour flight from Papua New Guinea to South Carolina It kept my attention despite my incredible fatigue and anxiety But I had mixed feelings about it At first, it annoyed the hell out of me He kept going o

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    The author reads the audio version of this book The book is very good and definitely worth reading but choose the paper format Tim Butcher is an English born broadcaster, journalist and author of travel books with a slant toward adventure He narrates quickly,

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    In 2004 Tim Butcher realised his dream of crossing the Congo from side to side It s an enormous country with hugely challenging terrain He was following in the footsteps of his hero, Henry Stanley he of Dr Livingstone I presume fame They shared a link Both Butche

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    By rights, the Congo should be a world power in its own right The vast resources of minerals and timber should ensure an affluent lifestyle for every citizen in the country Instead, the country is regressing instead of progressing Armed gangs and militias roam the co

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    This is a very engaging, but at the same time, disturbing story of this man s journey on the Congo River.Mr Butcher gives us many moving impressions of life in this part of the world and it is for the most part not very pretty He meets a wide array of characters, most of

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    In 2004, British journalist Tim Butcher took his life in his hands and traveled the interior of the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC He followed the approximate path of Henry Morton Stanley, the explorer that found David Livingstone in 1871 and went back in 1874 to map the C

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    In 2004 journalist and historian Tim Butcher set out to retrace the 1874 77 route of legendary explorer Henry Morton Stanley of Dr Livingstone, I presume fame across the Congo to the mouth of the river on Africa s west coast A few years ago I read King Leopold s Ghost which spel

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    Inspired by Stanley, in 2004 journalist Tim Butcher decided to retrace his steps and follow the River Congo through the heart of Africa The resulting book is part travelogue, part history, and completely riveting Along the way he meets some fascinating people and has some quite scar

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    At the outset, you have to admire his gutsiness in attempting this journey across Africa at the Equator His mom did a trip along the Congo River back when the Congo was under Belgian rule Now he was attempting the trip in 2004 just after the end of a brutal civil war not all parties wer

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About the Author: Tim Butcher

Tim Butcher is a best selling British author, journalist and broadcaster Born in 1967, he was on the staff of The Daily Telegraph from 1990 to 2009, covering conflicts across the Balkans, Middle East and Africa Recognised in 2010 with an honorary doctorate for services to writing and awarded the Mungo Park Medal for exploration by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, he is based with his family in Cape Town, South Africa.