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A Short History of Nearly Everything In Bryson S Biggest Book, He Confronts His Greatest Challenge To Understand And, If Possible, Answer The Oldest, Biggest Questions We Have Posed About The Universe And Ourselves Taking As Territory Everything From The Big Bang To The Rise Of Civilization, Bryson Seeks To Understand How We Got From There Being Nothing At All To There Being Us To That End, He Has Attached Himself To A Host Of The World S Most Advanced And Often Obsessed Archaeologists, Anthropologists, And Mathematicians, Travelling To Their Offices, Laboratories, And Field Camps He Has Read Or Tried To Read Their Books, Pestered Them With Questions, Apprenticed Himself To Their Powerful Minds A Short History Of Nearly Everythingis The Record Of This Quest, And It Is A Sometimes Profound, Sometimes Funny, And Always Supremely Clear And Entertaining Adventure In The Realms Of Human Knowledge, As Only Bill Bryson Can Render It Science Has Never Been Involving Or Entertaining.

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    A Short History of GoodreadsSurveys show that nearly 40% of all Americans believe the history of literature started in 2007, when sold the first Kindle indeed, Fundamentalists hold it as an article of faith that Jeff Bezos actually wrote all the world s e books

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    Good grief if I had even one textbook half this enthralling in high school, who knows what kind of impassioned ologist I would have grown up to be I hereby petition Bryson to re write all curriculum on behalf of the history of the world.I would run across things half remember

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    Okay, so here s my Bill Bryson story I was in The Gladstone, a public house not too far from this very keyboard, with my friend Yvonne, who will remain nameless We had been imbibing than freely A guy approached our table and asked me in a sly surreptitious manner if I was him Him

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    What I learned from this book in no particular order 1 Phosphor was accidentally discovered when a scientist tried to turn human urine into gold The similarity in color seemed to have been a factor in his conviction that this was possible Like, duh I m no scientist, but shouldn t it be

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    Bryson s dead serious this is a history of pretty much everything there is the planet, the solar system, the universe as well as a history of how we ve come to know as much as we do A book on science written by a non scientist, this a perfect bridge between the humanities and the natural sc

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    It s easy to nitpick A Short History of Nearly Everything Bryson, by his own cheerful admission anything but a scientist, makes a fair number of mistakes He says that all living creatures contain hox genes he omits Alexander Friedmann and George Gamow from his description of how the Big Bang t

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    Picked this up on audiobook when I was on tour and listened to it in my car I found it fascinating and informative Kinda like a reader s digest version of the history of science And even though I knew a fair chunk of what was mention, there was a lot of material I d never even had a glimmer of before Fair

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    A Short History of Nearly Everything is Bill Bryson s summation of life, the universe, and everything, a nice little easy reading science book containing an overview of things every earthling should be aware of.As I ve repeatedly mentioned over the years, every time one of the casual readers tells me I have to

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    A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill BrysonA Short History of Nearly Everything by American author Bill Bryson is a popular science book that explains some areas of science, using easily accessible language that appeals so to the general public than many other books dedicated to the subject It was one of the

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