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The Oxford English Dictionary Simpson, John, Editor 1989 The Oxford English DictionaryISBN 10 0198611862 924.31Content Scope The entirety of the English Language, by definition Literally.Accuracy Authority The Oxford Dictionary is one of the most well known and widely accepted dictionaries in the world It is arguably one of the most authoritative dictionaries in the English Speaking world.Arrangement Presentation No visuals, words in alphabetical orderRationale Every reference collection needs a good dictionary, and this is one of the bestProfessional Review This was not as riveting a read as one might suspect and the ending was too predictable. The 20 Volume OED and the new Version 3.0 CD ROM makes exploring the resources of the most authoritative dictionary of the English language easy and complete The Oxford English Dictionary is the internationally recognized authority on the evolution of the English language from 1150 to the present day The Dictionary defines over 500,000 words and traces their usage through 2.5 million illustrative quotations from a wide range of literary and other sources It is an unsurpassed guide to the meaning, pronunciation, and history of the English language This new version of The Oxford English Dictionary Second Edition on CD ROM thus offers unparalleled access to the world s most important reference work for the English language The text of this version has been augmented with the inclusion of the Oxford English Dictionary Additions Series Volumes 1 3 , published in 1993 and 1997, the Bibliography to the Second Edition, and other ancillary material New Features The powerful Advanced search makes it possible to make use of the full potential of the OED Complex search expressions can be built through the use of Boolean operators, case sensitive searching, exact character searching, restricting searches to previous search results, searching in pronunciations, and an extended range of wildcard options A new installation option makes it possible to run the Dictionary from the hard disk The Automatic Look up feature enables fast access to OED headwords from any Microsoft Office 97 or 2000 application This feature can be used within the OED CD ROM itself to look up words in the definition or quotation text System requirements PC with minimum 200 MHz Pentium class processor 32 MB RAM 64 MB recommended 16 speed CD ROM drive 32 speed recommended Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, or XP Local administrator rights are required to install and open the OED for the first time on a PC running Windows NT 4 and to install and run the OED on Windows 2000 and XP 1.1 GB hard disk space to run the OED from the CD ROM and 1.7 GB to install the CD ROM to the hard disk SVGA monitor 800 x 600 pixels 16 bit 64k, high color setting recommended. The Oxford English Dictionary, or OED, is probably the best reference dictionary in the entire world I have the 1989 20 volume set and so far have yet come up empty when looking something up, which I do at least once a week It is a prized centerpiece of my book collection and I cannot imagine that it like airplane tickets, good running shoes and anything by Ross Thomas or Jim Thompson is anything short of an investment in my future and that of my family. Well, not Read like Finished, but I dip into it a lot. I got this in 1987, so I m not sure I have this edition I might have the one before In any case, this is my most prized book are the most prized books in my collection. i read this kannada english wards jipuna Essential reference for a complete understanding of the English language Highly recommended. i m workin my way straight through really my vocab is gonna be HUGE and then maybe i can move away from all my hick tawk prolly not. Too long.

About the Author: John Andrew Simpson

John Simpson joined the staff of the Oxford English Dictionary in the summer of 1976 He was appointed Chief Editor in 1993 He is a member of the English Faculty at Oxford and of the Philological Society where the idea of the Dictionary was first mooted in the 1850s , and a Fellow of Kellogg College He is a world expert on proverbs and slang, and has edited dictionaries on both these subjects f

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