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Websters Third New International Dictionary Nearly Half A Million Entries Provide Standard And Variant Pronunciations, Etymologies, Comprehensive Definitions, Updated Usage Illustrations, And Synonym Articles The most fantastic dictionary in the world 1961 edition, 2700 pages 450,000 entries every word you could possibly want to gobble up. Read doesn t really determine my relation to this book and the company It should be instead always reading , or better still, always referring to Websters are simply the best dictionaries in English world I can t think of any other to befit their status I m eagerly looking forward to newer editions. This is my bedroom dictionary It s bulky, heavy, but years ago I obtained a wooden podium with a slanted surface which works well and allows easy reference to this tome While I keep an Encarta Dictionary on the desk near the primary computer for convenience, its relatively small size means that This by far is one of the best references that I have on my author shelf at home I have the 1993 versioncoupled with a couple of different thesauri and English Comp Grammarthe set is a must for me Not to forget the classic Elements of Style

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