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Chambers Dictionary Completely revised and updated to reflect current usage, the Chambers Dictionary, Ninth Edition is packed with distinctive features, including a new page design that makes it easier than ever to find the right word With unrivaled coverage of English vocabulary, ranging from rare and archaic words to the latest slang and technical terms, and clear, accurate definitions, this latest edition of the Chambers Dictionary will find its place on every reference shelf

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Chambers Dictionary book, this is one of the most wanted Chambers author readers around the world.

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    I came across a poll today stating underrated books and this book was included I was dumbfounded when I saw this How can you possibly exist without a dictionary, in fact several dictionaries.This for me, as I m English UK , has to be the best and most informative I have other dictionaries, of course, but I happen to prefer this one My last copy got rat

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    I m not hopeless at languages, but one of my friends let s call him G totally puts me to shame He speaks at least five fluently and can get by in severalHe s also got a remarkably good memory Again, my memory isn t bad, but he leaves me standing.Here s an anecdote to show how good he is We were sitting around at a friend s place sometime in the 80s I m not s

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    Probably the best single volume dictionary around Its mission to includeunusual words makes it a great browse as well.It loses marks for me for its irritating home pronunciation system and it s decidedly patchy on archaic or obsolete words and definitions For a littlemoney I d go for the 2 volume Shorter OED, which gives you IPA, muchdetailed etymologies, supporti

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    In the event of my being marooned on a desert island and allowed only one book it would have to be a good dictionary preferably this one.

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    My favourite lexicon Not a fan of the OED, Chambers is less everywhere , quietly erudite, the older dictionary I ve marked it read because there isn t a constantly reading.

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    Every edition of a dictionary tends to lose a few words as it gains manySome of the words that are lost have gone out of the language completely while others have been sacrificed to make space for modern words, like twerk If there were ever a need for a dictionary it would be for these older ones like the New Edition 1983 Chambers 20th Century Dictionary such dictionaries The Inter

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    The Only One for Day to Day Use I ve used Chambers forthan forty years and love it with a passion I still pick it up and read it from time to time, once a week at least If you think these two points qualify me to be sectioned, all I can say is you can t have had the use and pleasure out of it that I have It has answered so many what does that mean questions, and helped with so many cross

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    This has to be the Bible for anyone working with or in any other way involved with the English language

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    It s huge but haswords than I will ever need and I use it all the time

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