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1939 - The War That Had Many Fathers The Author S Research Leads To Some Surprising Conclusions Documents From Foreign Ministries, And Notes And Memoranda From British, French, Italian And American Leaders, Ministers, Diplomats And Military Commanders, Prove That Quite A Number Of Countries Were Involved In Instigating World War II Interconnections, Hitherto Overlooked, Are Made Clear This War , Writes Schultze Rhonhof, Had Many Fathers Much In Our German History From 1919 To 1939 Cannot Be Understood Without Cognizance Of Contemporary Events In Other Lands Actions And Reactions Are Closely Linked Together Yet It Was Not Only Contemporary Events In Neighboring Nations Which Contributed To The Start Of The War, It Was Also, And Not Insignificantly, The Joint Prehistory Of The Disputing Parties Almost Every History Has A Prehistory.

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    This book offers all you need to know about the facts that triggered WW II For obvious reasons Mr Schultze Rohnhof deals extensively with the events pre WW I and the impact of the Versailles treaty The author shows the imbalanced punishment of the empires that lost the war, i.e Austria Hungary and Germany On top of that, the former Allies refused to disarm as agreed at Versailles and the right of self deter

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    Bijzonder interessant boek dat de diplomatieke context in de aanloop naar WO II schetst Het beeld wordt multipolair, in tegenstelling tot de offici le geschiedschrijving, of moeten we zeggen, geschiedvervalsing Historia docet, tenminste als we deze leren begrijpen It takes two to tango.

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