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In This Masterful Book, David McCullough Tells The Intensely Human Story Of Those Who Marched With General George Washington In The Year Of The Declaration Of Independence When The Whole American Cause Was Riding On Their Success, Without Which All Hope For Independence Would Have Been Dashed And The Noble Ideals Of The Declaration Would Have Amounted To Little Than Words On Paper.Based On Extensive Research In Both American And British Archives, 1776 Is A Powerful Drama Written With Extraordinary Narrative Vitality It Is The Story Of Americans In The Ranks, Men Of Every Shape, Size, And Color, Farmers, Schoolteachers, Shoemakers, No Accounts, And Mere Boys Turned Soldiers And It Is The Story Of The King S Men, The British Commander, William Howe, An His Highly Disciplined Redcoats Who Looked On Their Rebel Foes With Contempt And Fought With A Valor Too Little Known.At The Center Of The Drama, With Washington, Are Two Young American Patriots, Who, At First, Knew No Of War Than What They Had Read In Books Nathaniel Green, A Quaker Who Was Made A General At Thirty Three, And Henry Knox, A Twenty Five Year Old Bookseller Who Had The Preposterous Idea Of Hauling The Guns Of Fort Ticonderoga Overland To Boston In The Dead Of Winter.But It Is The American Commander In Chief Who Stands Foremost Washington, Who Had Never Before Led An Army In Battle Written As A Companion Work To His Celebrated Biography Of John Adams, David McCullough S 1776 Is Another Landmark In The Literature Of American History. 1776

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 1776 book, this is one of the most wanted David McCullough author readers around the world.

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    There are several reasons why I think this book is important, and it has a lot to do with the state of our schools You ve probably heard that public education in America is becomingof a shambles each decade I work at a college and often feel like I m on the front lines of this battle While we have a number of good students, we also have a fair number...

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    This is an interesting book that describes in personal detail the battles of the early revolution We see George and company in Boston, New York City, Pennsylvania and New Jersey McCullough paints portraits of the military leaders of those campaigns, Howe primarily, and Clinton for the Brits, Greene, Knox, GW and a handful of others for the Yanks He shows ...

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    In 1776 David McCullough captures the importance of that year s quintessential struggle for our country.By focusing on this single year, as opposed to the entire war, McCullough is able to dissectminutely the individual battles, turning points, specific leaders, and the result is one of the most humanistic depictions of George Washington I ve ever read Here he becomesthan mythic god of the American past, but rather a living, bre

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    David McCullough has again exceeded all expectations in his latest book, 1776 Like most historical narratives, the reader often knows the ending well in advance In 1776 , every reader had to have expected that McCullough would close his book describing Washington s daring yet gallant crossing of the Delaware and the Continent...

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    How did a group of farmers beat the English Empire Through blood, sweat and tears Noted American Historian, David McCullough, beautifully tells the story of the birth of the United States of America He takes just one year in the American Revolution to tell how both sides of the war felt and thought He shows how King George III thought of the Colonists as petulant children who did not have any legitimate complaints He showed how George

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    Pulitzer prizes are sexy This chronicles Washington s army from just after Bunker Hill to the dramatic crossing of the Delaware and his Christmas attack of the Hessians at Trenton Well researched and superbly written, very entertaining McCullough paints a vivid portrait of legendary time.

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    McCullough s 1776 is a book about discovery the force within oneself, one body of people, to be free without the anxiety of what it means to govern themselves independently Democracy was what they yearned for The majority of the American people wanted to unite and unite they did McCullough discusses the trials and tribulations of the first full year of the American Revolutionary War in the north to northeastern part of the colonies with cle

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    This isn t the book I wanted to read, or was expecting to read, but it was good nonetheless.What I was expecting 1 A book about the first full year of the American Revolution this part was accurate.2 Insight into the causes of the Revolution absent almost completely.3 Portrayals of the way the two sides saw each other, and why somewhat present.4 Stuff about George Washington and the other founding fathers there was some stuff on George Washing

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    I decided to read this book because it is on the best seller list and there are about 350 people who have reserved the book on line at the library I am STILL baffled as to how many people have read and want to read this book The book is about the Revolutionary war in the year 1776 It is well written I feel like I missed a lot of school I don t remember anything about the Revolutionary war I didn t realize how much was fought in New York City and

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    There wasn t a shelf for Books I tried to read, and then failed at So this one wound up on the Read shelf, even though that s a lie I only suffered through about a 1 3 of it 1776 bored the living shit out of me I m sure this makes me a bad person, moves me out of the running for the next Genius Award, reveals me as an uncultured, unsophisticated reader of comic books and advice columnists, etc etc Don t care This book reminded me of a trip I took to

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