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35,000+ Baby Names YOU'VE GOT THE WHOLE WORLD OF BABY NAMES IN YOUR HANDS! This book will help you go beyond Tom, Dick, and Harriet in your search for just the right name for your baby It has than 37,500 names from 250 countries in 160 different languages, including: Names from every corner of the globe Popular African American names Unique names whose origins are distinctly American Popular and unique alternate spellings Traditional male names used by females Traditional surnames used as first names.

About the Author: Bruce Lansky

helps kids discover the fun of reading and writing poetry.Language arts are a very important part of what you learn in school You can read great books that take you to far away lands You can write your own stories and make yourself the hero of exciting adventures Even if it seems hard sometimes, don't give up Keep practicing your reading and writing skills, and soon it will become easier There are so many wonderful worlds to explore in books and poetry Get your very own passport by learning to read and write the very best that you can.

10 thoughts on “35,000+ Baby Names

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    when I read through all of the names and meanings in this book I had so much fun so did my friends and family they all asked to borrow my book. I liked this book very much .

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    A few names I’ve not heard of before, which is always good. A very handy book to have in my collection.

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    Doesn't everyone have at least one baby naming book? Okay, It must be a chick thing. I've used this when naming my kids and puppies.

    Name books rock!

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    Worthless nowadays

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